Pastor Prabhu (Jones) Joseph

The Privilege of Praise

29 April 2018

180429 Ps Prahbu The Privalege of Praise.mp3

Prayer to Proclamation

15 April 2018

180415 Ps Prabhu Prayer to Proclamation.mp3

If Christ Has Not Been Raised

1 April 2018

180401 Ps Prahbu.mp3

For If You Keep Silent

11 March 2018

180311 P's Prahbu For If You Keep Silent.mp3

Changing the Fate of the Nation

4 March 2018

180304 P's Prahbu Changing the Coarse of Nations.mp3

Touched by Love

25 February 2018

180225 P's Prahbu Touched by Love.mp3


A 7-part series about living a happy life that reflects God's true salvation in our lives

August-November 2017

Series # 4 Includes Communion Message by Pastor Cathy Prabhu

Series # 5 Includes Communion Message by Pastor Carlos Amador


Truly Happy People 1.mp3

Truly Happy People 2 .mp3

Truly Happy People 3.mp3

Truly Happy People 4.mp3

Truly Happy People 5.mp3

Truly Happy People 6.mp3

Truly Happy People 7.mp3

There's an Ai After Every Jericho

26 November 2017


171126 Ps Prahbu There is an Ai After Every Jericho.mp3