Pastor Lynton Taylor


Good News About Hard Times

18 November 2018

Disciple of Jesus

02 December 2018

181118 Ps Lynton Good news about hard times.mp3

181202 Ps Lynton Disciple of Jesus.mp3


The Aim of Everyday Christian Living

4 November 2018

181104 Ps Lynton The Aim of Everyday Christian living.mp3

Facing the Battles of Every Day Christian Life:

Are You on the Winning Side

28 October 2018

181028 Ps Lynton Facing the Battles of Everyday Chritian life.mp3

He is Able: Jude 24 & 25

21 October 2018

181021 Ps Lynton He is Able.mp3

Everyday Christianity

14 October 2018

181014 Ps Lynton Every Day Christianity.mp3

How Do You See Jesus?

16 September 2018

180916 Ps Lynton How do you see Jesus.mp3

Ninety-Nine for the One

2 September 2018

180902 Ps Lynton 99 for the 1.mp3

Managing Relationships: 

How to shine your light so God gets the glory.

12 August 2018

180812 Ps Lynton How to Shine your Light.mp3